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無界∞鏡相:科學攝影事件簿2020-2021 : Infinite Camera World:Science Images 2020-2021
楊翎主編 西元 2022 年出版 / NT$500

無界世象,彼是方生; 方生方見,方知方逝。

影無非彼,鏡非有相; 惟視有情,吾相鏡界。

All things in the word are interdependent, complementary and without boundaries. With birth comes the desire for understanding. Birth also signals the start of the journey toward death. Images are not the subjects themselves but as they appear to others. What is seen though the lens may not actually exist. Seeing through the eyes of sentient beings requires a corresponding vision. If free from biases and attachments,we can understand that all things are intertwined.

〜楊翎 Yang Lin
顏重威 西元 2022 年出版 / NT$400
人工智慧 : 分享大師視野 Full Text
周文豪編撰 西元 2022 年出版 / NT$免費電子書
2017年春季演講系列「Let' go!-分享大師視野」

第一講:「腦的智慧•智慧的腦」-人類仰賴充滿智慧的腦從物種的生存競爭中勝出,而優越智能的極致發揮,便是創造出和我們有著類似表現的「人工智慧」(吳嫻主講)P14。第二講:「美好生活的得力助手-智慧控制」-現代智慧控制對環境操作具備自然適應、自我適應、自我組織及推論等特質,智慧控制的應用是必然的趨勢(林俊良主講)P24。第三講:「從Erica到AlphaGo戰勝棋王之道」-從AlphaGo打敗人類棋王是一個令入驚嘆的時刻,它也代表了人工智慧一個歷史性成就(林順喜主講)P38。第四講:「機器人與智慧健康照護」-在高齡化的全球趨勢下各種健康照護持續增加,機器人的陪伴需求逐漸浮現,然而要滿足該用途的機器人需具有建立自我社會化的能力(傅立成主講)P50。第五講:「迎接下一波工業革命-工業4.0」-「工業4.0」是德國於漢諾威工業展時提出的技術發展策略,將網路技術、軟體技術、物聯網技術、端運算技術技術與巨量資料技術整合的完全數位化的智慧製造生產系統(周至宏主講)P62。第六講:「從石器到機器手臂」-從石器到機器手臂代表人類從原初到今日的大歷史過程,同時也說明心手互動影響的演變,人之所以為人是經過長期演化的並非一蹴可幾(劉益昌主講)P78。第七講:「現代機器人故事之父-艾西莫夫」-1942年艾西莫夫(Asimov Isaac)美國業餘作家發表「機器人學三大法則」採多元的開放心態,想像與預測機器人出現後的未來世界,為機器人科幻小說開創一個新紀元(葉李華主講)P98。第八講:「指數科技,奇點未來」-當年圖靈發明第一台電腦是一整間教室那麼大,過二十年那樣子的機器已經在你的口袋裡面了,看見這樣的變化再想想二十年後的會是怎麼情形,是一種非常好的指數思維的訓練(葛如鈞主講)P104。
當名畫遇見毒品特展介紹 : Famous Artworks from the Perspective of Drug Addiction Special Exhibitition Full Text;Full Text
楊中信 西元 2022 年出版 / NT$免費電子書
當蒙娜麗莎、戴珍珠耳環少女、人子、潘朵 拉、悲傷的老人、鏡中的維納斯等世界名畫 裡的人物,遇見毒品會發生什麼驚人的變化 呢 ? 本特展以碰毒會改變人物面貌與狀態為 方向,改作多幅知名藝術大師畫作,讓參觀 者能透過畫作對比,看見吸毒成癮的可怕、 了解毒品的成癮機制以及各種毒品的危害與 陷阱,並從中學習到毒品知識進而避免碰毒 與落入毒癮的深淵。

If subjects of famous ar tworks, such as Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Son of Man, Pandora, Sorrowing Old Man, and Venus, suffered from drug addiction, what would they look like? In this exhibition, works by famous masters have been modified based on appearance and status that are characteristics of drug addiction. Through comparisons of original and modified works, the horrors of drug addiction are revealed. In addition, the drug addiction mechanism and harmful effects of drugs are introduced. The purpose is to keep people from taking drugs and falling into the abyss of drug addiction
鳥在詩詞中 : Birds in Poetry
顏重威著 西元 2021 年出版 / NT$400

The description of birds by ancient literati contains some meaning of philosophy of life and love.

There are 1445 species of birds in China. Some of them live in high mountains and valleys, in vast grasslands, or live in vast lakes and oceans, and some of them are active in urban and rural areas, with a wide distribution. However, there are less than 100 species of birds that are active around people's lives and convenient for people to observe.

In the Compendium of Bencao Gangmu written by Li Shizhen during the Ming Dynasty, there are only 76 species of birds, including waterfowl, native birds, forest birds and mountain birds.

This book is based on the observation and description of the ancient literati, and often appear in the poetry of 36 kinds of birds, one by one to elaborate.
浮光≒謎離:科學攝影事件簿2018~2019 : Glimmering Puzzles: science images 2018-2019
楊翎主編 西元 2021 年出版 / NT$500

After《Amazing New Visions: Science Images 2014-2015》(2016) and 《Waiting for the Moment>Through a Hidden Lens:Science Images 2014-2017》(2018),《Glimmering Puzzles: Science Images 2018-2019》is the third book of scientific Image works published by the National Museum of Natural Science. This book mainly gathers 35 and 56 groups of the 4th and 5th scientific photography award-winning works, and invites the Quanta Culture and Education Foundation, the Beijing Museum of Natural History and Zhejiang Museum of Natural History to provide their special articles to share the process of their participation in the scientific photography promotions, which achieved fruitful and outstanding results.
斷層尋蹤二十載 : 太平地區車籠埔斷層野外紀錄
鍾令和;黃豊昌 西元 2020 年出版 / NT$350

This book is about the destruction of the 921 Chi-chi Earthquake in Taiping District, Taichung City and the post-disaster recovery in the following past two decades. The book is divided into six chapters which includes the past, present, and the future of Chelengpu Fault and the related issues such as earthquake, land uplift, building, and earthquake disaster prevention. Each section starts with the description a place about 921 Chi-chi Earthquake in Taiping District, and the explanation of related earthquake popular science follows. I hope this book can remind the young generations who doesn’t experience 921 Chi-chi Earthquake to pay much attention to the damages of earthquake and understand that Taiwan is a country with frequent earthquake.
文化的視野:人類學的—你們.我們.他們 : Cultural Vision: Anthropologists – You. We. Them.
周文豪編撰 西元 2020 年出版 / NT$300
本書是科技部計畫--「週末Let's g o ! 分享大師視野」演講系列的第三本演講集,本次演講內容邀請中央研究院民族學研究所余舜德副所長策畫,推出一系列八場與人類學相關的演講,不僅涵蓋了民族、文化與宗教,甚至包括了人性、夜市和巫術,內容豐富多元,給聽眾不單是知識的傳遞,更多的是觀念上的刺激與重塑。

本書將八場演講集摘要成書,演講主要內容以QR code展現,並包括觀眾的提問及講者的解答,內容豐富有趣。

This book is the third lecture collection of "Weekend Let's go! Sharing the Masters’ Visions," a lecture series conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Dr. Shuenn-Der Yu, Deputy Director of the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, were invited to planned and edited this collection. The collection includes a series of eight lectures related to anthropology, covering not only ethnicity, culture and religion, but even human nature, night markets and witchcraft. The contents are rich and diverse, that not only transmit knowledge to the audience, but also stimulate and remodel the audience’s concepts.

The book summarizes the collection of eight speeches into a book. The main contents of the speeches are presented in QR code including questions from the audience and answers from the speakers. The contents are rich and interesting.
台灣東海岸的法國牧者 : Les ecclésiastiques français de la côte est de Taïwan
張駿逸等 西元 2020 年出版 / NT$400

Ce livre est à propos d’un groupe des ecclésiastiques, d’origine française, quis’est efforcé de travailler depuis plus de 50 ans à la côte est de Taïwan. Ces ecclésiastiques sont principalement issus des Missions étrangères de Paris (MEP), dont l’objectif est l’évangélisation à l’étranger. La société a aussi mis accent sur la formation des talents locaux et la préservation de la culture. Cet ouvrage inclut 4 articles qui explorent, sous différents points de vue, l’impact et la contribution de la mission. Avec les portraits des 17 pères que l’on a dressés selon leurs images laissées, ce livre raconte aussi cette histoire d’évangélisation durant plus de soixante ans.
我家蟲住民:我們所不預期的蟲室友 : Our Unexpected Arthropod Housemates
詹美鈴 西元 2019 年出版 / NT$300



  本書提供 QR Code,手機掃描一下,即可進入探索家中昆蟲, 裡面有很多有趣的國內外動畫及知識。

"Home" in this book is a specific physical space, whether simple or gorgeous, is the physical dwelling where people can shelter themselves from the wind and rain! However, human's "home" is still a part of nature, no matter how closed and isolated it is from the outside world. For arthropods, if this "home" is a perfect environment for living, they will not hesitate to regard it as their "home".

When people find unexpected arthropods in their homes, most of them face them with fear and complaint, or treat them directly with chemical insecticides.,Such practices not only affect people's health, but also cause serious pollution to the environment. In fact, there will be insects at home, the vast majority of which are harmless or beneficial to humans, and achieve a delicate balance in the ecological environment. People need not be overly afraid or react, or directly eliminate insects at home in an inappropriate way , but to reduce their presence in a more friendly way. This book provides QR Code, which can be scanned by mobile phone, and can be used to explore insects at home. There are many interesting animations and knowledge at home and abroad.

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